Sunday, 31 August 2008


So I lost my newly-bought International Student Identification Card last night. I blame my shallow pant pockets for that, but I am really upset about it because until I get my student card, the only other ID I have on me is my passport.

Some other cultural oddities that I have noticed:
  • people don't carry umbrellas even when it rains really hard. I guess they just have to wait five minutes until it stops, like the saying goes
  • people wear 14 shades of grey and nothing else. That's bad news for me because all the clothes I brought are quite bright. I'll have to buy some to fit in with the dullness!
  • coffee shoppes cashiers write every single order down on a pad of paper.


Anonymous said...

so u mean when it rains, ppl just wait out for the rain to stop?

I don't usually carry an umbrella, but I wear a hoodie or jacket for cover.

that's so crazay

Karine said...

Wear bright colors otherwise Iceland would be dull and we don't want that!

enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Nice diary and nice pictures. Good experience but dull sky most the time.

keep writing, we all want to know.