Monday, 15 September 2008

Déja Vu

Yesterday I went on the Golden Circle tour again (this consists of Geysir-Gullfoss-Þinvellir if you want more details, search it). I had gone just last week, but I also wanted to see the traditional sheep round-up that Icelanders do every fall. The sheep roam freely in the fields throughout the spring and summer, then, in the fall the sheep get rounded up to be distributed to their proper owners. Unfortunately, no one notified me of the fact that the farmers casually pull the sheep's horns off. So at 9:00 in the morning, in pouring rain, I was standing there watching the sheep wondering why some of their heads were covered in blood.
The rest of the day was bad and rainy, but there was a pleasant surprise - we stopped off in the middle of nowhere with a field full of beautiful Icelandic horses. There were no fences anywhere, but the horses were still domestic. We got to wander around the field and have close encounters with the stunning creatures.
Another note was that our tour guide was horrible and kept on making really bad jokes. We could not tell whether or not he was really joking. The first thing he said to us was, "Does anyone here speak Norwegian?"

There were lots of sheep.

Lots of people. I have no idea how each person could identify which sheep was theirs. Even with tags I would have no idea.

There I am with my infamous backwards-coat-wearing.

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