Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I didn't hear about Iceland Airwaves until about a year ago. It is a music festival. I wasn't even planning on going. But here I am, in Iceland, with a wristband, standing in line with a mix of Icelanders and foreigners and sometimes getting in to venues and sometimes not and pushing my way to a place where I can actually see and being embarrassed to get out my camera but doing it any way.

The Bands
I actually got my ticket (there's only a wristband for sale, which lets you into all the venues; there are no single ticket sales, poo poo) only because I saw For a Minor Reflection listed on the bill. WHO? You ask. They're due to play with Sigur Rós (whose music, I must admit, I'm only partially partial to) on their UK tour in November. I had heard their music while in a cafe on my third day here in Iceland, and I ended up paying more attention to the stereo than to the conversations because of FAMR. Post-rock is awesome. Anyway, I had so many chances to see FAMR but I had missed them all and I thought I would be doing my laboratory for class during their last show. I panicked, but instead I didn't and it was good because I got to see them at 12 Tónar, a great little CD shop. And because this Portuguese band called Mau didn't show up, I have another chance to see them!
Anyway, during the night, when I was trying to get into a venue called NASA, I looked behind me and the band members were right there. I thought I was just seeing things but seriously they introduced themselves to another guy standing in line as themselves.
As a "journalist" and business card collector I know I can't be shy, but when it comes to people I admire...not even celebrities or people who are famous or anything, I can be really shy.
So to introduce myself and shake their hands was a pretty big thing for me. That was cool, but they were pretty drunk I must admit. It's funny because they're playing so many gigs yet they had to stand in line with everyone else. I loved that.

Anyway, on to other bands. People really really loved this band called Miracle Fortress from Montreal. I was about to buy their CD but gawked at the price and thought, "I probably could get it for cheaper in Canada."

Who else? Biffy Clyro from the UK was good, We Made God, Æla,...most of these bands I probably will never hear again, but whatever. Therese Aune from Norway was a good solo act, and also Ólafur Arnalds with his accompanying string section.

Final Fantasy came and I was really proud of Canada because he was getting really good reviews.

The Philosophy
I don't believe in going to concerts and festivals to get drunk and make a fool of oneself. I believe in listening to the music, sometimes dancing if it's appropriate, sometimes moshing if also appropriate, mostly nodding the head. Maybe one beer is fine if you enjoy that kind of thing, but people getting wasted in crowded venues is not my kind of fun. LISTEN TO THE MUSIC!

I'm sorry that this was such a fragmented entry. It was a good experience for me, not the greatest festival ever, but still okay as a distraction.

For a Minor Reflection

Final Fantasy!

Ane Brun. She performed that evening and sold CDs at a bookstore. I was having dinner then. I searched all over town the next day looking for her CD but it was all sold out!


The ridiculously pink wristband. Yes, my camera is very bad at closeups.

A singer from Æla, meaning 'to puke'. Yes, he's wearing underwear...a diaper. Apparently he always does this every time he performs this song. Except this time he went out the door and down the street.

Therese Aune

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