Tuesday, 14 October 2008

First Day of Westfjords

Our first day, we left Reykjavík at 9:30. Of course I woke up at 7. I had lots of time to pack and clean my room, then I just sat around for an hour wondering when the car would come. By the way, as I'm writing this, I'm getting up at 7:30/8:00 now, and I think it's due to the darkness! This is sweet stuff, since in the peak of summer in Ottawa I would get up at 5:20 due to the sun.

We took the ring road west and to the 5.7 km bridge under Hvalfjörður to cross to west Iceland. We stopped at Borganes en route to stock up on groceries, then stopped again at Borgarfjörður. There was a really cool hiking place, sort of like a mini-caldera. Inside was a huge crater.

After passing many landscapes, including snow, we stopped at a waterfall.

At first I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, after going to Skaftafell, any other waterfall would just be a disappointment. Then I saw these two cute dogs come running up to the car begging for food. I had to get out. I sorely miss my dog Hershey at home and there are more cats than dogs in Reykjavík. In fact, all the dogs I've seen in the city are just those puny toy dogs. These followed us up the waterfall and one of them started drinking from it. I wanted to capture the cuteness of it with my camera but he stopped drinking before that could happen.

By this time we were almost at Drangajökull, the glacier in the northwest, but it was getting late.
We quickly headed back down south as the sky light dimmed, down to Reykjanes where our hostel waited.

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