Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Iceland is Going Down!

Glitnir and Landsbannki banks have been acquired by the government. Discussions ensue. I wouldn't be so nervous if people would stop talking about it. Then again, it's more exciting than talking about the weather. What sucks is that Icelandic food is so dependent on imports that all we will be able to afford to eat are probably domestic tomatoes, mushrooms (sveppir), bananas and chocolate bars. People in my residence have been going to Bonús and actually stalking up on canned products like they do in the movies! This one person bought 14 cans of beans, while another one bought 12 cans of tuna. Hmm. Maybe I should go too, before the prices go over the roof.
Of course I´ve been completely ignorant of economics until now so take what I´m saying with a can of tuna.

On to a completely different topic. I just can't get over how small this city is. Wherever or whenever I walk, I am bound to meet someone I know along the way. No one is a stranger, everybody is somehow connected to everybody else, and not in the sense of six degrees of separation either. More like one or two degrees. So even if I go out alone for a walk (or to Bonús 30 minutes away) I'm never really alone because I will always stop and chat to somebody on the way. Or if you go into any building, say a café, someone you know will be sitting there. I find that's what makes living in Reykjavík so unique - the big city amenities with the village feel.

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