Monday, 24 November 2008

Erase and Rewind

I take it back. I love Sigur Rós.

I've loved post-rock ever since ever. Some of my favourite bands are post-rock or influenced by the genre: Hope of the States, Mogwai, 65 Days of Static (all from the UK by the way).

When I first heard of a band from Iceland called Sigur Ros (I first pronounced it as sugar ross), I pretentiously pronounced it as pretentious. When I finally got around to hearing some of their songs the weird, incomprehensible lyrics and the instrumental drone grated on my ears. I had just come out of my Arcade Fire/M83 phase then (no more indie! down with instrumentalists! no shoegazing allowed!)

I listened to a few more of their songs but never really got into it. It was so sad because the reason why I lot of people love Iceland was Sigur Ros and I was soon going to Iceland and had no love for Sigur Ros (look at past entries).

When I heard that they were playing in Iceland I bought a ticket for the experience, not because I was a fan or anything.

But yesterday's concert officially edged Apocalyptica out of its place as #1 of my mind's "Top Concerts".

I don't get why people are forced to go to sucky concerts. No offence to people in Ottawa, but I feel let down by almost every concert I've been to in Ottawa. Sucky venues, average-to-okay artists, bad concert-goers. In other places, sometimes the performer has an amazing voice but no matter how great that is, I can just sit at home and listen to a perfected CD instead of having to go out. Or it's the opposite. A lot of the time the entertainment is great but that's because the musician has a lot to make up for his or her lack of talent.

But yesterday, none of that was experienced. I discovered a lot of great songs. I saw a bunch of awesome musicians. There was confetti, water, smoke. GREAT lighting. Excited crowds. The background sometimes showed videos. There were also cameras INSIDE the instruments themselves. Jónsi's shadow was broadcast on a wall. The concert was long but every song was great. I really enjoyed it.
I must give credit for the light and sound crew though - they did an amazing job.

Now I am a fan, whether I like it or not.

Sorry the pictures are of poor quality but I just had to post them!

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