Friday, 14 November 2008

Europa Europa

Canada is a very young country. And I don't know much about China. But I've met so many Europeans, and compared to Canada there is so much history! Austrians and Germans were discussing about the war that made their lands separate in 1870's. I was thinking: that's just when Canada was made a Canada! Of course, there was human inhabitation much before 1867 when Canada was 'founded'. But politically...I mean, I never knew that ethnic Hungarians lived in Slovakia, which used to be Czechoslovakia etc. etc..

Loyalists defended Canada. Canada was made. Separate provinces joined. Alberta thinks it's part of America. So has Quebec, twice. We sold Alaska for $1. Newfoundland was threatening to separate not that long ago. I know it's not and will never be as simple as what I state here. But there was never really any occupation. There was no revolution. No takeovers. No monarchy. No annexation. Of course all the British and French stole the land of the First Nations who were already there but I am not talking about that right now - and I am digging myself into a political and ethical hole here so I will stop. But the main point is that civilization is almost timeless when it comes to Europe. Politically, so much has happened and still happening, for better or for worse.

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