Monday, 3 November 2008

Home and Away

My parents came here last weekend. It was very last-minute of them; usually they plan trips a year in advance. This time I had two weeks' notice. It was a fun weekend; now I just have a lot of work to catch up on.

I hope it was fun for them because it was a really cold week, with snow already on the ground. They saw the northern lights and went on the Golden Circle while I sat in on classes and tried desperately to catch up on work.

I got a calendar of Icelandic horses and a peysa from them.

It's easy to leave people but it's not easy being left behind. I remember when I left for Ottawa I'd just leave in strangers' cars without another look behind, just like Hershey would go quickly to the kennel owner. But the first time I lived alone last summer, in this huge strange house I had never really lived in, I remember I didn't want my parents to go.
I haven't really felt homesick yet. I've been leaving 'home' constantly for the past four years. I guess I'm restless. I left HG people behind, then C, and even T, and now UO people.

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