Friday, 28 November 2008


Iceland is a very peaceful nation (they better be, seeing how the whole country is the size of a small city). They don't have a military. Some might even go so far as to say they were apathetic about politics, except for their fishing industry, until a few months ago when the economy all fell down.

Now, there are weekly protests in downtown Reykjavík at the parliament building. There is no violence, and the demonstrators are very orderly and quiet, listening to the people at the front on the stage speaking into a microphone.

By now a lot of people have contacted me about Iceland being what the media calls 'bankrupt'. I don't really know what has happened, to tell you the truth, but all I know is that there might have not been as much government transparency as Íslendingar would've liked.

A lot of exchange students are saying, "It's cheap to be here now!" (especially those coming from the European Union) and others are saying, "It's interesting to be in the country while there's an economic crisis and it doesn't affect you at all."
Well, grocery prices have gone up, although just by a few Krónur. Other than that the fólk are still thronging the malls and driving SUVs almost as if nothing has happened.

Except for the protesters. I am not sorry for those who racked up credit to go on spending sprees or buy huge cars, or for the young business graduates who can no longer be financial analysts right away. I'm sure some people are genuinely angry. I feel sorry for those who have lost their jobs and especially for those depending on pension funds for their income.

There's a controversy about the Króna, the currency. Should it stay or should it go? Should Iceland adopt the Euro or the US Dollar? Should it join the European Union (my opinion-no)?

This crisis has seemingly rocked the gentle boat, but I'm sure there will be survivors. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures. Please.

To distract you from the pictures following this one, this is what appears in random clothing shops. Huge stuffed zebrelephants.

International Monetary Fund woes.

The government has been sold! I don't know what the guy was supposed to symbolize.

There were feminist protesters saying how badly the male-dominated government has been.

"A good idea from Iceland."

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