Wednesday, 7 January 2009

It's the Can-Ams!

In December, amidst all my planning for the trip and studying for exams, I had almost decided to move out of the residence I'm living at right now because of the message "5 Americans are moving to the top floor" (no, I'm not anti-American, if it was 5 Canadians I'd be also frustrated).

Guess what? I underestimated the number - there are way more Canadians and Americans in Iceland in general (and especially on the top floor) this semester than last. Should I take the next boat/flight back to Canada or some other part of the world now?

I was telling Z and A last night, from Slovakia and Switzerland respectively, how I should be avoiding Can-Ams like the plague from now on. Yes, they are all very nice and probably fun to hang out with but I did not go on study abroad, especially to Iceland (versus Australia or something), to meet people from my home country. I could've stayed in Canada for that.

Most other Can-Ams don't seem to mind the problem as much as I do. I'll just try make the best of it.

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