Monday, 19 January 2009

Sunsets and People

The sun lives a short while in these dark days, but when it sets it is beautiful.
And around 11 o'clock it is beautiful. Around that time I'm always going out the door for the first time to school and once I open the door the way the sun and clouds and landscape interact never cease to take my breath away.
Warning: You might be getting sick of me taking pics of the same place.

Also pictured here are some people/places/events from the past months.

Aline from Switzerland, who I experience a lot of cafes with.

A concert before exams officially begin. This is the main student centre. It reminds me of SITE for those of you familiar with the UOttawa campus.

People playing hockey on the frozen pond.

Our student residence had a dinner night.

This was taken when Sarah and I were coming back from the Blue Lagoon. I had been napping on the bus when I woke up. I immediately saw good cloud formations (I wasn't able to capture correctly on the camera). I could've waited for that car to pass but decided to include it.

Quintessential Reykjavikesque landscape. Notice the sunsettish tones.

Rocks left on frozen ice. Be very amused!

The sun has almost set by this time. Mostly blue.

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