Thursday, 19 February 2009


I haven't been outside of Reykjavik for 2 months now. Although I really love the city, I am quite getting sick of it and I really have wanderlust. I just need to be moving and seeing different things!
Although I'm going to Greenland next week, I still really need to get out of here this weekend! Going round and round the city is sort of killing me...
I know I have school work to do and I should concentrate on that, but I think if I go away this weekend I will come back more motivated and energetic to do stuff. Maybe.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sleepless Nights and Endless Days

Here are a lot of pictures from the last few weeks. All this while I've been sick. The common cold doesn't go away easily in Iceland - it's harsh!

The pictures are not in chronological order, unfortunately, because this blog pic uploader is strange. I also realize most of the pictures are a bit dark, but I think shadows complement the mood. What is a photograph but the absence of light?

Chiharu and her friends (and I) hanging out at Hresso after the Chinese New Year festival.

Lukas' birthday party. He made two soups for us, one was traditional Czech goulash. This is the night I got sick, by the way!

A big cake at the mall for Valentine's Day.

In the common room of a Icelandic coast guard ship. Chess is popular here. This and the next few pics are of the Winter Lights Festival, this cheesy festival that is sort of like Winterlude except stupider.

A ship engine.

A puppet show in the city hall.

A view of Esja from inside the doorway of the Nordic House. I've noticed that I never have straight pictures anymore. Could it be that my sense of balance is off or that one of my legs are shorter than the other?!

My new roommates love to cook. Problem is, they also love lots of cream, oil, cheese and butter in their cooking...

What do French and Swiss people do at 2 AM at partys?

The Icelandic Arrogant Worms, Ljótu Hálfvítarnir.

Chinese New Year celebrations in the university.

Familijen concert.

A rising sun.

My new room.

My snowboard experience. This is the part where I gave up and just walked around, taking pictures.

Friday, 13 February 2009

One More Time

Before Christmas I was studying Icelandic. But I was too conscious of my learning to dare to speak to anyone other than other learners. Now that I'm not taking Icelandic any longer, I speak to store clerks in Icelandic now. Of course, I only say things like, "How much is this?" "What's the time?" "I'd like to order this..."
But still. Having a conversation without the crutch of English is so satisfying. I don't know when I started doing this. At first it was just for fun. But now it's more like, "Why should I speak English if I know the sentence in Icelandic?"
Now if only I could do that with my French in Quebec and Paris...

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Elections are Delicious

Student council elections are coming up both here in Iceland and in Ottawa. The only difference is between apathy and total crazy bribery.

First, the University of Iceland student politicians very likely go on to become the country's politicians. Second, the school politics really does have an impact and say on education policy in a wider context. Third, there are PARTIES for elections, both in the party sense and in the party sense.

There are two parties, Röskva, the more left-leaning and Vaka, the other. They hold parties like crazy in the weeks leading up to the elections. And tomorrow is the elections so beginning last week, the parties started setting up booths with pamphlets, which is quite lame. And then they started handing out free coffee. Then little desserts and cookies. And then today there were huge cakes, sandwiches, and soups. Can you say bribery?
I'm not sure if people were joking, but they said they were going to vote based on the quality of food.

Also, two other things: the clouds today were amazing and contributed to the most spectacular sunrise and sunset yet.

And when I was walking downtown on the pond I saw that they were having a horse-crossing demonstration. Well, the sun was out and the ice was melting and I don't think it was such a good idea after all because as I was heading back I saw a spectacle of people trying to get horses out of the ice that they went through. It was not a pretty sight and thankfully the pond is not deep.

Meira! Meira! Meira!

*Written 3 days ago*

We all want a little more in life. That's why I moved. I wanted a change of scenery (I'm staring at these wonderful branches of a tree now as I speak) and to look at Reykjavik in a different perspective. And to get away from it all. It sounds like a stupid reason to move but it's the truth.

What is also true is that I had a blast last night, with the Svítaball party held at 101. There was an all-star band playing when I got there and then FM Belfast performed soon after. It was really crowded but good. For some reason I really like the vibe of that 101 place. I will post some pictures.

The View from Here

*written 4 days ago*
I went snowboarding for the first time in 8 years yesterday and it was everything short of disaster.
I forgot how much effort it takes to bend the knees and my quads now hurt very much. I couldn't even get on the lifts!

In other news, I have moved. Reasons are: I wanted a change of scenery. When people want change, some join activities and others move or do other things.
Of course my former roommates may be angry at me, but I have nothing against them at all. In fact, I love them so much that I can no longer live with them.
I am now in the east end of the city and soon I will be putting up pictures of my new place.