Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sleepless Nights and Endless Days

Here are a lot of pictures from the last few weeks. All this while I've been sick. The common cold doesn't go away easily in Iceland - it's harsh!

The pictures are not in chronological order, unfortunately, because this blog pic uploader is strange. I also realize most of the pictures are a bit dark, but I think shadows complement the mood. What is a photograph but the absence of light?

Chiharu and her friends (and I) hanging out at Hresso after the Chinese New Year festival.

Lukas' birthday party. He made two soups for us, one was traditional Czech goulash. This is the night I got sick, by the way!

A big cake at the mall for Valentine's Day.

In the common room of a Icelandic coast guard ship. Chess is popular here. This and the next few pics are of the Winter Lights Festival, this cheesy festival that is sort of like Winterlude except stupider.

A ship engine.

A puppet show in the city hall.

A view of Esja from inside the doorway of the Nordic House. I've noticed that I never have straight pictures anymore. Could it be that my sense of balance is off or that one of my legs are shorter than the other?!

My new roommates love to cook. Problem is, they also love lots of cream, oil, cheese and butter in their cooking...

What do French and Swiss people do at 2 AM at partys?

The Icelandic Arrogant Worms, Ljótu Hálfvítarnir.

Chinese New Year celebrations in the university.

Familijen concert.

A rising sun.

My new room.

My snowboard experience. This is the part where I gave up and just walked around, taking pictures.

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