Monday, 7 March 2011

First batch of photos

A cute mural in the Charlie Brown museum.
The infamous In-N-Out fast food chain.
50 states make for interesting plates.
It was such a nice clear day when I went on this hill. It's usually foggy!
Self explanatory.
The cute family dog. Aww, Muffin!
Some random buskers outside Fisherman's Wharf.
You'd never see houses like this in Toronto! Every house is unique here unlike the cookie cutter houses so common in suburban sprawl.
Ocean Beach. Very creative name.
A few years ago I wrote about how Quebec reminded me of San Francisco because of its steep hills. Well, here you go.
The view of downtown San Francisco from the Modern Art Museum.
Open wide! A lot of people take the very accessible public transit system, which includes streetcars, buses, cable cars and the subway.
The sun is deceiving. It's quite cold.

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