Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Es un secreto

soooo Toronto won the Toronto-Esteli match. I've changed counterparts and I have moved houses. I lost all my photos until the ones for August 1.

Something I have learned: how to squish chinche bugs with my shower shoes!
I have to have good timing when it comes to taking showers. The morning is too cold and I'm too tired for showers. At night there may or may not be water available in the city. In the afternoon when I come back is perfect, but by that time there may or may not be water.

One evening I was coming out of the office. It faces some fields of grass. I heard this weird 80's videogame-like sounds coming from the grass. It freaked me out. Much later, I learn from my counterpart that their female toads (mujeres de sapos) that make those noises.

Another thing. Nicaraguans are very hospitable when it comes to making sure you have a seat. Whenever I go anywhere (except for on the bus), they pull out a plastic chair and tell me to sit if they see me standing. And a lot of the homes have the same chairs. It's made of a cherry-wooden frame with plastic wickerwork and I imagine sometime in the 80's a store had a huge sale and the whole town bought them all.

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