Tuesday, 30 August 2011


No creeo que hay solo tres semanas mas en Nicaragua!!!
I can't believe that I have only 3 weeks left in Nicaragua. Then it's off to Edmonton. I've missed my computer for sure...and libraries and movie theatres and malls and all the other haunts I frequent in other cities.

Well I haven't talked about the society here so I will do it now.

This is only my conclusions from the very little I have observed about the country.
There's shocking teenage pregnancies in the USA, and then there are normal teenage pregnancies here. Abortion is illegal here and people have kids at 16, 17, 18...this can go both ways: the event can make people more mature or less.

Many families have one or more parents (usually the dad) working in the USA. The Spanish-speaking cities of Miami and Los Angeles are popular for Nicaraguan immigrants.

Some call it a developing country but from what I experienced life is adapted to the needs of each citizen, although I can say for the whole world that things can always be better. The main difference between here and Canada is that schools, backpacks, daycares, museums and natural parks are sponsored by non-governmental organizations or whole countries such as Luxembourg and Canada...

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