Sunday, 25 September 2011

I Ate A Puto

Sun-scorched Alberta. When I flew into Newfoundland I remember the first thing I saw was trees. In Alberta the first thing I see are endless fields, the landscape rumoured to be flat. It is. For this reason I feel like I'm falling sideways as I travel from the airport to downtown Edmonton. The airport's carpeting and walls reflected the golden pieces of landscape that I see everywhere, the fields of cut wheat and grass. The sun here seems stronger than in Eastern Canada.

I am living with a Filipino family and it's interesting to learn the differences between two former Spanish colonies: Nicaragua and the Philippines. The first thing people asked was about Spanish food, but Nicaraguan food is not like Spanish food at all. And also there's a rice cake called Puto in Filipino that I ate but the same word in Nicaragua is an offensive term meaning male prostitute. Culture wars!

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