Sunday, 18 September 2011

No camera? No problem

It is the 32nd anniversary of Esteli's liberation in the war and there's a festival today. I didn't know about it and in the morning my counterpart asked in Spanish if I wanted to go to the Ejercito for lunch. I thought it was the name of a restaurant so I said yes and of course didn't bring my camera. When I arrived it was this huge carnival thing at the military base with real war machinery and lots and lots of traditional food. If only I had understood Spanish better I thought what a great photo-op this would be, especially since I'm coming to my last days in this country and I want to soak in as much as I can (then tell me why I'm spending these moments in a cyber?)

Well after this I'm going back to the house to get my camera and back to the festival to take pictures. But what if the festival was really far away? Not everything has to be recorded. That's what I tell myself.

Mr. Clooney in Up in the Air said that pictures are for people who can't remember!!!!!!!

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