Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Things I Won't Miss & Poutine of Nicaragua

I have only one more week here. These three months have been difficult but now I realize it's gone by so quickly. Now I recognize how hard it is to get into Canada and how lucky and how much accessibility I have as a Canadian citizen. The Nicaraguans in the program will not be able to come with us to Edmonton right away because their process of obtaining a visa was messed up so now they'll have to wait and come after us.

Part of travelling means observing differences and nostalgia for your home country. These are the things I will be looking forward to when I get back to Canada:
1. People driving on the highway at a constant speed. Here you have to cross the Panamerican highway and it's annoying (and dangerous) when some cars are going so slowly and others too quickly.
2. Fresh, cleaner air
3. The lack of bugs
4. Internet!
5. Noodles. Chinese noodles

In another note, today there was a huge parade because it's a national celebration day. All the high schools participated with drumlines and it was really cool. I got fries there topped with ketchup (salsa) and mayo and cheese and a girl from Quebec was there and noted that it was like poutine.

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