Monday, 31 October 2011


Our Canada World Youth team is required to volunteer at Fort Edmonton's annual Halloween event which is called Spooktacular. It is so awesome! Some people are volunteering at the kids' section which has an Alice-in-Wonderland theme but I get to volunteer at the 14+ area. It's held at a historical place that is around 1885 so it's great for these kind of Victorian (Greogorian? I don't know) scary Gothic-type themes. This year's theme is a carnival gone demented. So there are clowns, there's a freak show, there are creepy dolls and marionettes. The actors who put on these multiple haunted houses are really good. There are creepy clowns walking down the street.

I'm in charge of Jasper House. Last year it was one of the creepiest houses. This year it housed a freak show. Some parents forced their kids in which I frowned upon but had no way to stop them. I said to the parents, "Umm this might not be suitable for younger children." and that's all I had to say. I got to wear a cloak and hold a lantern (from IKEA, someone in the line recognized it as such). Anyway it was really fun scaring people. At times I got to press a red button that led to a doll some 100 metres off that popped out at you. The doll was sort of hiding behind a fence so curious folks would walk closer to it and then I'd press the button and the doll would jump in their face!! Did I say I like scaring people?

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