Monday, 16 January 2012


A list of things that seem to be popular in Prague according to the four days I was there:
  • Dogs
  • Animals in general
  • Pizza
  • Sportingwear shops

The people I met were very helpful.

There are many Chinese restaurants in here but of course it is Czech-Chinese food probably via Vietnamese. Since a lot of Vietnamese people immigrated here. It's always interesting to see a pocket of an Asian country immigrating to the most unlikeliest of places, like here and also Thai people to Iceland. Maybe not so unlikely after all.

My friend who lives in Prague showed me around and told me that you won't really be able to get an authentically Czech souvenir in the shops since the shops are run by Russian immigrants selling stuff you would traditionally see in Moscow, like some Russian puppets or something. And then some tourists buy them and take them home and show them to others to remind them of the Czech Republic. Interesting...a new tradition?

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