Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Going to Monaco

I went to the Termini train station yesterday and asked for train tickets to Munich. I noticed on the screen that the agent had typed in 'to Monaco' and I said, "No no, I meant Munich!" and then the agent told me that Monaco is the Italian name for Munich. Oops!

After I went to Vatican city. First I visited St. Peter's Basilica, then I sat down to have a grocery store salad lunch. These pigeons came buy and this young one came over my shoulder and attacked my salad! These daring things are probably trained from birth.

McDonald's is an Institution here. There is a floor just for cafe complete with selling of cakes and stuff and then there is a huge second floor for the regular burgers and stuff with hundreds of seats. I saw something like this in Paris but it's even crazier here.

I haven't talked to many Roman people since I've come. On my first day here when I was walking around I felt way more comfortable speaking to French tourists in French than I was for trying out any Italian.

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