Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I'm in Hong Kong now. Not much to say about Hong Kong; I've seen it all before. I guess it's the invisible stuff - the air molecules - that has gotten to me this time.
But I have noticed one thing and it's that HK seems to have more signs in its city than other places where I've been. In the toilet alone, they must have at least 20 signs: please open door slowly, please be careful of the opening door, floor is slippery, please dry hands, please use hand dryer, please flush toilet etc. They also have instruction signs that in other countries would be unwritten because it'd be common knowledge or common sense, like how to go up an escalator (hold handrail. stand still)

These extra signs that make the city seem quirky probably have their reason in a) dealing with a large population of people b) legal reasons when dealing with a large population of people.

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