Wednesday, 13 August 2014

King's Town

My first impressions of Kingston, Ontario is that it is a unique combination of Ottawa, with its federal presence; any town with the population of about 100,000 in Ontario; and a stereotypical college town in the United States.

I've never lived so close to the waterfront before - not even when I was in Iceland. I think when I was living in Gamli Garður in Iceland, I was a couple of minutes further away from the waterfront than where I am now. So I take advantage of it by trying to bike along it every day. It must be the most photographed place in Kingston and probably one of the most photographed shorelines in Ontario, because every few metres I see people taking pictures. It's funny, Lake Ontario reminds me of a calm sea. I'm lucky enough to have grown up with one of the Great Lakes near me so whenever I see a lake in another place, I think, "That's not a lake - that's a pond! I can see the other side of it!"

Some photos from my bike rides. I like to think of these places as my backyard:

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