Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Notes from yesterday:

I went on a walking tour yesterday. One of the many nicknames of Portland, Stumptown, came about because clearing trees (because there existed the mentality that forests existed for clearing) was really difficult walk and there were stumps left all over the place.

I also read that settlers here tried to form companies but couldn't compete with the Hudson's Bay Compnay (The Bay) and also a few French Canadians settled around here. And of course labourers from China.

There a sign that I will add on soon that says "Long live the wildcards, misfits and dabblers" splayed all across new condominium developments. Just across the bridge are many missions - homeless shelters, salvation army, etc. and I couldn't help but think how very contradictory that sign was because the actual wildcards, misfits and dabblers of the city were given very clear signs that the city doesn't want them to live very long, and those who the sign presumably called to are the people who think they are W, M and D but are actually dandies and are consumptive misfits because they discern themselves through taste. All this to say that gentrification is happening for sure.

The city is very much spread out. Even the downtown core seems spread out and beyond downtown, there are dots of establishments where crowds seem to flock to surrounded by both used and empty warehouses. Very carcentric though. Not really good for walking.

So disoriented. I always think West is North because first I came southbound into the city then I came northwest bound looking for Powell's and now I'm usually walking southwest.

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