Friday, 20 October 2017

Accents and Sieves

When I stayed in Peterborough for the first time in 2015, I noticed that Peterborough had some accents and some certain words that they said that I hadn't even heard before.

I forget what the accent sounded like but the regional words were like 'yous' for saying 'you people'. I was taken aback - I had never heard that before and had to look it up! Wow, I did know that language can change within a one and a half hour drive away, but I never really experienced it before.


Speaking of Peterborough, maybe it was because I was around school culture, but after my first year in Peterborough, many people I got to know left. I decided that Peterborough is like a sieve: people kept on leaving and I felt a pang of panic everytime people were leaving. And people were leaving!

Later on, and I would experience it myself, I learned that Peterborough is like a vortex. It brings you up and down, and you keep on coming back into its deep depths. Can't escape! But for good reasons.

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