Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Travel is Classist

I haven't been posting on here much at all because I've just been plain busy and also I've been contemplating some things about this blog that have shifted the focus of it. I'm also considering migrating this to Wordpress or tumblr (about time!)

Stuff like this:

When I came back from Iceland, and even Germany (the first time I ever went to Europe alone I was 14), and even like the States in my childhood, I would spurt out OMGTRAVELISTHEBESTEVERYBODYSGOTTODOIT. I even went into the International Education field because I wanted to help people travel.

As I contemplate travelling again, I think of migrations.

Migration is what brought my family here as settlers to this state known as Canada (founded upon genocide and racism, always billing itself as peaceful and a contrast to the United States).

Migrations exist, and because my family is in a class for me to study geography and absorb whatever professors said as truth, I look at things in scales. Migrations happen in different scales.

I think it's so [funny] that there is great migrations making global news right now - people of globalization migrating and sorta region/country-hopping for business and then people of war who are migrating to save their lives.

I've been mobile for better parts of two decades, sometimes by choice and sometimes not.

In any case, the post of this draft has been dormant for the better part of a year so I'm just going to publish it.

A few more things:

There's also this:

There's also this: Bani Amor is out to decolonize travel. Which is great. But how about class? How does that play in?

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