Monday, 3 August 2009

Random Québec Pics

Here are some pictures. Sorry for the spacing between the pictures, I don't know what happened.
I live here! No, I wish. But this street is full of houses, one being auctioned for Sotheby's, and it's CLOSE to where I live!

Bike stunts.

More bike stunts.

Shoes collés on the wall.

This is supposed to be Styx.

Moulin à images.

Moulin à images. There was staged smoke coming out of the silo thing!

Chute de Montmercy.

Confiture tasting.

Chair with no back - Île d'Orléans specialty

Beirut and Bell Orchestre at the Festival de Québec!

La Citadelle

Rue Sous-le-Cap. C'est belle, non?

Les lofts.

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