Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Road trip

The past two weeks, I've been driving between 3 cities in a sort of triangular fashion, about 2 hours away from each other.

Fun times to be had commuting at 7am then working until sometimes 8pm! In any case, the most memorable thing of this road trip was my realization of how much gas costs not in environmental or political terms, but the dollar value of it. I drive one-way and it's already costing me $25-$30! I'd rideshare or wait for a bus any day now. At least on a bus I can read or sleep.

Then again, on a bus, you can't take your own detours. I drove through several routes and small towns that I've never been through before. I'd forgotten what southern Ontario farmland looked like. These are idyllic landscapes that are quite contentious: some of the best farming land in Canada, I heard. Why are so many houses being built, I heard. People shake their heads. Many layers to this issue: multiple levels of government, developers, people moving in and looking for cheap housing, people moving out, people staying, no consultation with people who were there before...then again, there wasn't consultation before indigenous peoples all over the world were colonized, and not for those on Turtle Island, or even if there was "consultation", the power was not in those people's favour.

Speaking of power, the thing that I remembered the most about this road trip was noticing how much roadkill there is out on the road. I'd see so many every day. Anyone have any statistics as to what percentage of animals die due to being run over by cars?

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