Saturday, 18 July 2009

This is why I live in cold climates

Early Saturday dawn and there's a thunderstorm outside my window. What wakes me up is a continuous tapping against the window in my room that reminds me of my time in second year university when I woke up to a bird stuck between the two layers of windows. I turn on the light, sit up and look around. No bird or beast anywhere. Must be something outside. But it continues, and for the rest of the night I am sleepless.

Morning. I read a bit in bed before going upstairs to breakfast (my room is in the basement). I finish eating then come back down and grab my toothbrush from my room, go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. My light is still on in the room, the door is half-closed. I come back and push open the door and surprise! There's a huge worm wriggling it's way around at the very door of my bedroom. How the heck did it get there? And was it in here all night long? Was that the noise I heard? How did I not see it until now? I sort of screamed quietly and stared at it, thinking about what to do with it, thinking: Great. This must be a test to see whether I'm brave and good and I'm NEITHER! I'm a coward because I'm afraid to pick it up and I'm evil because it's right there in front of me and I'm just waiting for it to die! I sit there for about 15 minutes until my roommate comes down to tell me she's leaving and she just picks it up and puts it outside.

Just within the last few years I have managed to be able to walk around on a rainy day without constantly looking down at the ground and leaping and jumping to avoid the worms. But having a worm in your room? That's another phobia altogether.

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