Saturday, 15 October 2011

Eastern Body, Western Soul

I was going to try to trick you readers into thinking I'm talking about Orientalism or my "whitewashing" or something, but I'm talking about Eastern versus Western Canada here.

I love the continental weather. I will wake up and step outside the house and for days in a row there will be nary a cloud in the sky. Just pure, pure sunrise. It's a bonus since I'm 53 degrees north because the sun stretches and yawns its way out of the horizon instead of abruptly showing up on time like the Toronto sun does. I only wish I was in the country so that I could see empty sky and flat land meet and maybe then I will feel at peace. It's hard to do this in the city where the endless sky is obstructed by jutting buildings and suburban rowhouses.

The thing I do not like is the dry skin. Already in Toronto I get heat rashes and dry skin but here it is exacerbated.

I always thought I had an east coast soul because of my childhood vacances to Eastern Canada and New England and my being drawn to the Atlantic Ocean. I thought nah, the west isn't for me just because it isn't my home. Well, I'm liking this west-of-Toronto feeling!

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