Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Berlin - Montreal

The Berlin in the following articles is like Montreal for me. Both cities have low rent that attract people from all over, notoriously artistic types, to it. Then, the city beats you up, puts you in a minimum wage job and demands that you pay rent while you're too distracted to know why you moved there in the first place. When you finally get out, you're still in love with it, but you know you shouldn't be tempted to go back.

The articles:

Before I went to Berlin (on vacation), I read up about it a lot. When I finally got there, I looked around, shrugged and thought, "Meh." Maybe it was the expectations in my head of a pounding, vibrant city (I went in January and again in February), or maybe it was that I didn't stay for long enough, but my first impressions were that it didn't have so much going for it as other people had advertised. Montreal was a different story. I moved there because I had fallen more and more in love with it every time I went to visit.

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