Tuesday, 30 September 2008

One Month Ago...

It's the last day of September. The days are getting shorter, and I have been in Iceland for a month and two days.
The (material) thing I miss the most is Chinese noodles and the variety of pasta there was available at La Bottega.
The thing I miss the least about Canada is the pollution.
I still haven't gotten used to the thought of showering absolutely naked in public. I finally went to my first group yoga class today. That's a sign of finally settling down. But it still hasn't hit me yet that I'll be staying here for 8 more months. Lots of people will have left by the end of December and I might not ever see them again.
I have nothing else to say for today.

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Conor said...

Shui Kay, I love your blog. It is so great to hear your voice coming to me from across the seas, travelling through the ether of the Internet (which is actually a series of tubes, I'm told).

If you're wondering why my eyes are closed, it's because I'm closing my eyes and pretending I'm in Iceland.