Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Pics of the Excursion

Selfoss (-foss means waterfall) in all its uniqueness. This was located in Skaftafell Naitonal Park.

We went on a glacial lagoon somewhere in southeast Iceland. The lagoon was not there before 1932, but now the glaciers are receding at either 100 m/year or /day, I forget which one.

This I must say must be my favourite picture. If I had to do an advertisement for Iceland, I would use this and the caption would be: Iceland: Nature's Playground. This is actually the most east we travelled and this was taken in the morning in the "yard" of a guesthouse. The day before, those mountains in the background were covered by clouds.
A map.
This was taken on a hike we took in Landmannalaugur up in the Highlands.
The one and only Geysir's other brother!
No, those are not volcano vents. They are part of the power plant that supplies electricity to Reykjavik and, as a side product, warm water.

They have really clear lakes.

Beach with rocks. The rocks in Iceland are (mainly?) classified as basaltic or rhyolitic, but you don't have to know that to enjoy the place.

Lava fields!

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