Thursday, 1 January 2009

Flashing Lights

After this year, if I had to come back to Iceland for one day, it would be for New Year's Eve. Sure, there's a lot of foreigners here (I being one of them), but the atmosphere is amazing.

And it's all about the fireworks.
Here, Scouts associations and charities sell fireworks. Anyone over 18 can buy them. The works start going off a few days before. You'd think that a war was going on if you couldn't see the sky.

On New Year's Eve, the popping sound starts at five o'clock and climaxes, of course, at around midnight (and keep going). There is continuous fireworks being lit up all across the sky. I like how it's not an organized, governmental thing. And people bring their drinks out to celebrate on the streets because it's legal and police won't bash you if you have a drink in your hand. And there's no countdown. Nope, no countdown. I think one can tell by the amount of works in the sky, and the smoke in the eyes, when the time is right.

I'd show you a video, but I actually don't know how to work my video function on my camera and you can google/youtube it. But of course, you'd have to have been there.

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