Thursday, 9 April 2009

Bound for the Beauty of the Long Road to Isafjordur/I Never Went North

This is my 88th message on Blogger! I always notice things like this. Bonne chance to me.

For the Easter break, my German teacher warned that everything shuts down in Reykjavik and nothing and noone is to be seen, so GET OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I could've gone north, but I chose to go to the Westfjords again for yet another music festival 'Aldrei fór ég suður'.

So I have yet to go north.

Have I ever mentioned (probably) that in 2005, I discovered a Canadian artist on CBC radio 3 called Sabola.
One of the songs I heard and subsequently downloaded was called "The Long Road to Isafjordur". I thought, "Okay, this song is good, it really makes it sounds like a long journey. But this Isafjordur, I wonder what he was thinking about because it sounds like a made-up place."
Of course it sounded made up because it sounded like a place that JRR Tolkien would have penned, which in fact is true: Icelandic was an inspiration for that Elvish language or whatever.

And now I'm going there again! Weird how things come back to you again and again.

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