Monday, 20 April 2009

Photos: Aldrei fór ég suður og RANDOM

I figure it's taking too long to upload these photos manually so from now on I think I will have links to my flickr account. The photos of this entry are also available at the account. Enjoy!

The following were taking about three weeks ago, when the capital was holding a blues festival. These cars sort of invaded the public square for a while.

Sunsets in Seltjarnes.

Me and the horse I was riding on.

Most famous and delicious hot dog stand in town. The lines are there at all times of the day. A few days ago I learned Icelanders' most consumed foodstuffs are hot dogs and Coca-Cola. Diabete epidemic, anyone? Note the massive construction in the background.

This is in Núpur in the Westfjords. A piece of wool left behind.

This photo looks kind of weird because I'm leaning to one side and DM to another. But this is at the concert.

Dr. Spock, the Icelandic wannabe of the Kaizer's Orchestra!

So beautiful.

I must include this only because I think it looks like something out of a movie poster. I'm not saying I take cinematic pictures - it really just looks like that. By the way, they were looking at the scenery in the picture right above this one.

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