Thursday, 19 March 2009

Don't Put Away Your Jacket Yet!

Like any other country with four seasons, March is the time of fluctuation between winter and spring. The changing weather is all the more pronounced in coastal Reykjavik. Just two days ago the sun was shining, birds were chirping and finally I thought the winter was gone for good. But just now there's more and more wind, coming first with freezing rain then hail then a full snow storm. Ugh. Why can't the weather make up its mind?! That was that week. This week, the snow melted, there were puddles everywhere for one day but then it was really good, spring-like weather yesterday. Then today a depression came in and the wind picked up again. The clouds were moving like crazy which made the sky look really cool, especially with the half-light of the sun.

But still, I can smell spring in the air. More people are walking and working outside. The days are noticeably getting longer. I feel like throwing off my scarf and mitts, but I know I might need to hang on to them until May.

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