Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Tout Nu Sur La Plage

Today I went for the first time to the geothermal beach. Yes, with all of Iceland's cold Atlantic water and black sand goodness, Reykjavik still has a beach.

It is open all year round and what you do especially during winters (it is like the Lake Ontario polar dip), you can go into the sea and then run back into a hot pot/tub/puddle.

When we went some people were celebrating a few birthdays there so the pot was really crowded. But there were free hot dogs! I felt like I had a great cultural experience. The sea water is not so cold now - just like a cold summer's day at the beach in an Ontario lake. And what a beautiful sunset! Un jour parfait.

A cool house that faced the sea.

Bathing options: tub or sea.

Sorry M! I know you don't like being in pictures...

No, he's not a dead fish. J just didn't want to get out, even as everybody else had already left and the water was draining away.

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