Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Hershey, We're Not In France Anymore

It's the invasion of tourists! As I walk down Laugevegur, the main shopping street, as someone else pointed out I hear more English on the streets than anything else. That's because it's also the main tourist street. I see people with cameras strapped around their neck, I see backpacks. I find myself categorizing, "That must definitely not be an Icelander. That one is, that one isn't." And I know I really shouldn't do that, basing someone's nationality on the way they look or dress or act, that's an -ism.
I bet there will be way more tourists this year than ever before, what with the low krona rate and nothing beats publicity like bad publicity! It was different in the fall, when the tourists were slowly disappearing. No one wants to be here in the dark days (except for Airwaves and New Year's). Now, the sun rises at 7:00 and sets almost at 8:00. It's like summertime except it's only the end of March. Too bad I won't get to experience the whole sunshine.

Anyway, I really should stop drinking coffee. Before this year I drank a cup or two a year. Now I need at least 2 or 3 a week. I don't drink it every day, but...I should stop.

I'm going to begin listing the things I will miss about RVK:
1. The cafes.
2. The dairy products. I went to the city's most famous ice cream shop and it is very good ice cream. Also: milk, cream, Skyr is good. I admit the cheese is nothing to be desired.
3. Umm...I will think of more.

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