Saturday, 18 October 2008

I Give Up

I'm really busy these days so I think it's better if I just post some pictures with captions of under them to describe the rest of my Westfjords trip.

It's inevitable that some people will say I have put no pictures of people. But hey. To each their own.

Just imagine yourself in the car. It is all green rolling hills until you turn a bend and see these looming fjords in the distance, one after another.

Finally, made it to Ísafjörður! But we only stayed there for about 5 minutes before moving on. I'd like to spend a day or week there.


An emergency shelter. Inside there were a lot of supplies and stuff. Canada should have these; it'd be especially useful for the winter.

You must remember that all this while we are heading southwest. This is a reconstruction of the first Icelandic prime minister's house.
Pretty waterfalls!
A wrecked ship on the beach. Notice the dying light.

The westernmost part of Europe (politcally).

And finally, the northern lights. Technically, I could see them anytime I want in Canada but I'm always in the city.

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