Friday, 3 October 2008

It's Going to be a Long Winter

I do love harsh environments and cold climates. Hence my moving from Toronto to Ottawa, and then from there to Iceland. Winter has come down upon us people living in Iceland on October 2. In Canada, I used to judge the harshness of the season depending on how cold it was at Halloween. Now, it's before Thanksgiving and this has happened. Last night I had to pull out my winter jacket. I was holding out because it's sort of a last resort jacket. Oh well. A student from North Dakota says that this could happen where he's from, but I've never had this in the southern latitudes of Ontario. The wind and sun is quickly melting the snow away already.

Here is some proof of the sudden change in weather:

In the afternoon. Beautiful, sunny, not that cold, no sign of impending snow.

In the morning. Obviously not the same place as above. But hopefully you get the picture.

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