Thursday, 14 May 2009

100th Post! and Culture Note of a Different Kind

When I first moved to Reykjavik, I lived in an all-English speaking dormitory and I thought that it wasn't 'challenging' enough for me and I did not go on exchange to do the whole dorm thing again.

So I moved out to a floor of a house (in the middle of nowhere!) with one other Canadian and two Germans. The Germans then spoke and laughed a lot in German and though sometimes I thought it was cool, I must admit that for the most part it was just annoying.
So then for other reasons for this month I moved downtown to another townhouse-type flat with people who all speak French! It's a great way, I guess, to practice my poor French but when they have guests over I mostly just zone out. I love being placed in awkward situations, but they laugh and then I just smile to be nice and feel really lost.

So to get my humour fix I have to go to Canadians, I have to even be surrounded mostly by Canadians. I find myself laughing so much, so naturally when I am with people. It's not just a language, it's the culture - it's in the way we see things and describe things and even in what exactly we find humourous. Oh, Canada.

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