Sunday, 24 May 2009

I Drift Towards the Wall of Soothing Sound

This past week has been like a dream for me, not because it has been extraordinary, but because I no longer know if I'm awake or dreaming. When at most times I should be in bed I find myself wandering around the town now, especially during 2 in the morning it seems I wander. The light in the sky never really seems to go away, and neither does the chirping of the birds, and neither does my inability to sleep or my tiredness. I see beautiful sky scenery - and I mean really really beautiful, like no other - but I can no longer pinpoint whether it's a sunset or a sunrise. Every day the weather is forecasted for pouring rain but the most that appears is a drizzle. It's been a really beautiful week. And yet it's a mere 10 degrees. I wonder what it's going to be like when I get back - I'll get the sunshine, but I'll miss the light.

I had a really good birthday with beautiful weather and people of all nationalities said happy birthday in their own language - I was never expecting that. 75% of the people I knew here have left. Us exchange students have increasingly been replaced by tourists. And now it is my turn to go.

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