Tuesday, 5 May 2009

It is Summer (Not!)

The days now stretch for a long time here, but they always go so quickly. It is already May 5! I look at the clock and it is already 7 when it feels like 4 in the afternoon. Then after what feels like 30 minutes later I look up and it's 10 o'clock - outside the sun is dusky, what the light would be like at 8 o'clock in the middle of summer in Canada.

And yet it is still cold and it has been raining for almost two weeks straight. But today it was truly like spring/summer time with all the sunlight and I couldn't help but just wander around town even though I had much to study.

People are holding barbecues and the kids here are already on their bikes and skateboards which really clashes with what I am used to. Kids on bikes and skateboards always mean to me that school is out and that it is July or August, while here I still have exams and the kids are meanwhile wearing warm sweaters, but acting as if it is all summery. Now I get why Iceland only has two seasons.

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