Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Baby, You Are Gonna Miss that Plane

Here I am the night before my flight the next day (not until the afternoon). I am not fully packed yet, though I am mostly packed. I have just spent a lovely evening eating at Cafe Paris, then driving around the harbour, then going to get ice cream in Vesturbær, then heading back into downtown to hear some songs at Cafe Rosenberg, then going to Hemmi and Valdi to get a drink where I met lots of people for the last time, then ending up at Q-Bar, then trying to catch Pizza Pronto before it closed. Tomorrow I will have one last pylsur and skyr. All I have left to do is pack. And ponder.

I remmeber quite clearly this time last year when I was filling out documents and looking very forward to coming to Iceland, and all of a sudden now it's over. I do want to leave just because I want to go back, yet at the same time I really want more time here. I don't know when, if ever, I will be back. I'm sorry, but that's the reality. I have so many more places to go, so many more travels to experience...why go somewhere I've already been, even if it's to a place I love, if I have the opportunity to see elsewhere?

For some this was the year of ERASMUS. For others, learning Icelandic. For others still, it was the weekend trips and hiking. For others still it was the long weekends. For me it was all of that and, as a cliché, more. Thanks to everyone I met, it's been a blast, and hopefully, even if I'm realistic and I don't get to see everybody again someday, I've learned a lot from everyone and have made memorable memories. Until we meet again, good night whether it be dark or light.

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