Friday, 22 May 2009

Rocks in My Boot and Stones in My Heart

On May 17, I wrote:
I am on my glacial geology field trip in Southern Iceland for 6 days. This will probably be my last excursion out of Reykjavik. It has been a few days of beautiful beautiful weather where people are getting tans and/or sunburns. We have been driving around in the bus and stopping at bus stations to get ice cream for the last few days, but tomorrow we will be working trying to identify glacial landforms in front of Sóheimajökull. Never in my life would I have been imagining I would be doing this. It is weird how life leads you in really unexpected places...

Now I am back in RVK. I celebrated my birthday, I'm finishing my report and I'm packing up, and saying goodbyes also.

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